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Morbid Icons

Our self righteous suicide

12/22/09 11:48 pm - theidolhands - The Science of Snowflakes


Icons created from real images & illustrations of snowflakes; close, weird, personal look at this common act of water freezing from the sky.
*Click the "icon" tag to view all created.

❄ credit: theidolhands
❄ comments appreciated
no hotlinking
❄ icons aren't bases

Set I [100 icons]

Set II [50 icons]

1/16/09 04:58 pm - moonchild_x


[001-004] Pagan (Celtic)
[005-012] Dark
[013-040] Fantasy (mermaids, faeries, valkyries)
[041-050] Models
[051-056] Nature


Comment + Credit & Enjoy!

mermaid melody )

6/8/08 06:34 pm - moonchild_x


[01-02] Stock (Nature: Flowers)
[03-13] Random Dark/Emotive
[14-17] Dark Art (by Victoria Frances)
[18-54] Fantasy Art (by Kagaya]


Comment + Credit & Enjoy!

12/11/07 10:53 pm - moonchild_x - Bram Stroker's Dracula Icons!




P.S. You must join to see the icons!

3/28/06 10:33 am - ____paperdoll

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

can sone one make this in to an icon for me
and have it say "What A Fag!"

thank you

7/29/05 03:45 am - ____paperdoll

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

can some one please make this an icon, and have it say "In DrEaMs Im HaPpY...BuT FoR SoMe ReAsOn I AlWaYs WaKe Up"



7/25/05 02:09 pm - thousandfeather - Eclectic Bases: 1

Hi. I made some icons from the newest batch of bases that were posted over at eclecticicons. Here's the first set...Next half will be up later.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Save me from the dark...Collapse )


Credit for brushes goes to brokenicon, as always.
Credit for bases goes to eclecticicons.

X-posted to all icon communities I'm a member at that this pertains to.

7/3/05 02:17 pm - thousandfeather - Hi!

I'm back, and I come bearing much iconish goodness. I've got some new techniques down, and some new stuff to work with. Onto the icons!

Under the cut:

9 "gothic"/"weird"
4 "kiss"
10 BloodRayne
8 Final Fantasy (Rinoa/Moogle)
3 random anime


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When Darkness Falls...Collapse )

As always, same rules apply. Comments are always appreciated, credit is not asked for but is nice if you remember.

alaskanicons for the textures.
brokenicon for (most) brushes.
aerith_00 for the Rinoa bases.

~NOTE: I saved the BloodRayne bases on my computer and did not write down anywhere who to credit. If they are yours, let me know and I shall rectify the situation.~

~ X-posted to all graphics communities i'm a member at.

kthx. Bai! ♥

6/1/05 09:08 pm - mindlesbable05

Hi...I was wondering if anyone can make this into an icon? The way it is now, or modify the color anyway... if someone can the text I would like is something like "Music...my bloodless escape." or something...I dunno.


BTW...Hi, I'm Nicole.
Don't want to scare anyoneCollapse )

5/2/05 10:45 pm - thousandfeather - Hi, and Bye.

Hi guys. After this post, i'll be gone for a month or more from icon making. I'm going on vacation with my boi and his family, then it's exam time. Sorry to everyone who cares, (lol) but my icons that are over at feathericons is all you're gonna get. (I mean, the ones already there.)

Yeh. So, I'll be around for another day or two to answer comments, but after that, ciao.

So, onto the icons then! (there isn't many...god they suck.) Same rules as always; no credit or comment necessary, but comments make Feather happeh.

Under the cut:

10 Loveless Icons (Bases from chellie)
2 Gothic icons
1 VG Cats icon (Had to make it. Check out www.vgcats.com)


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hi. Icons here.Collapse )

So, enjoy guys. I'll see you after exams. ♥
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